Session 1 All about Android tablet devices

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Session description

Welcome to All about Android tablet devices – the first session of the Beginner level of Course 1: Know and use your Android tablet device. In this session, you will learn:

  1. Tablet types (operating systems; screen size; memory; RAM; speed; brands and quality)
  2. Physical device (buttons; camera; audio player; pens)
  3. Taking care of your device
  4. The home screen, icons, pages and the app drawer: getting around (navigation, menus, pinch and zoom, screenshots, launching apps e.g. the camera and audio player apps)
  5. Tablet orientation
  6. Connectivity (WiFi; 3G; Bluetooth)
  7. Data usage (what uses the most data; how to check usage; how to limit usage)
  8. Battery life (what uses the most battery power; how to check usage; how to limit usage)

Assessment Task

  • Multiple choice questions completed online.

Notional Learning Time

When you get your certificate, you will notice that we have indicated Notional Learning Time. This is the amount of time we expect a learner to spend on achieving the outcomes of this session. It is made up of the two hours of the training here, and then the time taken to complete your Badge Assessment Task. It is an estimate and you may find you spend a little less time, or perhaps a little more.

Required existing Tablet skills

Entry Level - Novice


2 reviews for Course 1 Beginner Session 1: All about Android tablet devices

  1. karlien koetaan (verified owner)

    It has a power button to turn it on and of. there is also a volume control button and a camera icon. the camera can be used to take photos. some of the the tablets come with a sylus and it looks like a pen.but it is specific only for the use of a tablet.

  2. karlien koetaan (verified owner)

    it is very helpfull and your tablet stay clean

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