Successfully communicate online with any audience


Course description

Online communication has become the buzzword in recent times and at Via Afrika we believe that you can successfully communicate online with any audience when you understand basic theoretical concepts and can apply them in a practical way.

This course consists of three parts further subdivided into a number of topics with short videos and opportunities for reflection and assessment. The fact that the videos are ‘bite-sized’ videos ensures that you are able to fit this valuable professional development course into your everyday life. The course follows a suggested pathway; however, you can complete the course in any order you wish, focussing your attention where it is most useful to you immediately, and can then come back to areas you have skipped when you want to. You can also choose whether or not you want to do the assessments.

During the first part of the course you’ll be introduced to general principles and terminologies used by those successfully communicating online. We’ll also help you understand what it means to be ready for online communication, and show you how to prepare for it.

In the second part of the course, we’ll look at the practicalities of communicating synchronously, often referred to as ‘communicating live online’. In other words, the presenter and those attending the presentation, meeting or communication session are online and interacting at the same time.

If you and others are not able to be online at the same time, but you still want to ensure successful online communication, you will be communicating asynchronously, usually by creating a video and placing it online for others to watch later. This is covered in detail in the third part of the course and means that you’ll learn all about recording your own videos and find out more about other useful platforms and apps.