Session 7 Preparing presentations (using Microsoft PowerPoint)


In this session, you will cover the following content:

  1. Use a presentation app (Focus on Microsoft PowerPoint)
  2. Explain the purpose of a presentation
  3. Transfer common features from word processing skills
  4. Create a new presentation
  5. Develop content in a presentation
  6. Design slides
  7. Insert animations
  8. Insert Illustrations (shapes and pictures)
  9. Insert media (video, audio, screencast)
  10. Apply transitions to slides
  11. Insert and manipulate SmartArt graphics
  12. Record a presentation
  13. Identify characteristics of an excellent presentation

Document created: Lesson presentation

Required prior knowledge: Content in Sessions 1 to 4 of this course; content in sessions 5 and 6 of this course would be useful.

Required existing laptop skills: Entry level – Basic