Session 3 Producing written documents (using Microsoft Word) Part 2


In this session, you will cover the following content:

  1. Using Styles
  2. Using more advanced Layout and Paragraph formatting
  3. Inserting Bulleted lists
  4. Inserting Numbered lists
  5. Inserting Tables
  6. Using the Show/Hide button
  7. Inserting page and section breaks
  8. Inserting Illustrations: Pictures
  9. Adding a word to the dictionary
  10. Adding a word to autocorrect
  11. Using the Review tab – Thesaurus
  12. Finding synonyms in text
  13. Using the Find and Replace feature
  14. Inserting basic headers and footers
  15. Inserting automatic page numbering
  16. Useful Word formatting for teachers

Document created: Class notes

Required prior knowledge: Content in Session 1 and Session 2 (Basic functions of Word) of this course

Required existing laptop skills: Entry level – Basic