Session 3 Teaching asynchronously


Session overview

Teaching asynchronously is all about helping you as a lecturer create videos using a smartphone and/or computer. It is aimed at anyone new to the online teaching and learning environment, or anyone new to making videos at home using (mostly) a smartphone. The session is meant for lecturers whose college does not use an existing Moodle system like Blackboard for their online training already. The aim here is for asynchronous online learning.

We start with an overview of the requirements of the modern online environment and what you will need, what you want to do, and who your targeted audience is.

  • We then discuss scripting and planning a video, and we help you find the best possible recording space within your own environment. We also provide numerous tips regarding camera angles and sound for the first-time video recorder.
  • You will now do an actual recording, using the guidelines we have provided. Next, we will discuss various ways in which you can transfer, upload, and share your video.
  • Finally, we discuss various platforms and apps such as Google Keep, Google Drive, YouTube, WhatsApp and a number of other resources that would be useful to anyone wanting to create a collaborative, shared online learning space, as well as various online resources.

Assessment Task

  • Multiple choice questions completed online.