Session 5 Teaching synchronously with Microsoft Teams


Session overview

This session has been designed to help teachers develop the skills to use Microsoft Teams to teach online in pedagogically sound ways. Anyone can use Microsoft Teams to teach, but it takes effort and skill to teach well using Microsoft Teams. The session extends the learning of Session 4 (Using Microsoft Teams to communicate your message) by focussing on real-life teaching and learning using Microsoft Teams. It does this by exploring classroom teaching opportunities provided by the app.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • use Microsoft Teams to teach
  • create teams and channels for classes
  • set up class teaching times
  • create class lists
  • use file sharing
  • make online teaching interactive with Microsoft Teams
  • understand the pitfalls of screensharing
  • use Breakout Rooms for effective teaching
  • create and manage online rooms
  • appreciate the pedagogical considerations of Breakout Rooms
  • use Forms effectively
  • create Forms
  • understand the possibilities of collaboration in Microsoft Teams
  • use Word, Excel and OneNote to collaborate in Microsoft Teams
  • use the Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams
  • use the Chat Function effectively
  • understand the positive uses of the Chat Function
  • appreciate how the Chat Function can be abused
  • use recorded lessons from Microsoft Teams
  • record a lesson and find it in Microsoft Teams
  • understand the effects on learners of using Microsoft Teams
  • set the ground rules for teaching and learning in Microsoft Teams
  • appreciate the tasks required before, during and after a Microsoft Teams session

Assessment Task

You will be asked to complete a summative task at the end of the session. You have a copy of this task in your Class Notes for your reference only. Please note that you must complete the Final Assessment online. No printed, scanned, emailed, or faxed copies of the task will be accepted.

We suggest that you download the Class Notes first so you can follow along during the training.