Session 6 Teaching effectively in a hybrid classroom


Session overview

This session focuses on teaching and learning in a hybrid classroom, in which learners who are in person and online experience a synchronous lesson with a teacher.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • define hybrid learning
  • debunk myths about hybrid learning
  • know why teachers are afraid of hybrid learning
  • understand a model to get started with effective hybrid learning
  • identify the similarities and differences between a usual teaching and learning space and a hybrid one
  • state the requirements of the physical teacher space
  • state the requirements of the virtual teaching space
  • explain how to do hybrid teaching with limited resources
  • define the culture and experience for teachers and learners in a hybrid teaching and learning space
  • appreciate the required technology-use and knowledge for teachers and learners
  • understand the role of the Institution
  • discuss key pedagogical aspects of hybrid teaching and learning

Assessment Task

You will be asked to complete a summative task at the end of the session. You have a copy of this task in your Class Notes for your reference only. Please note that you must complete the Final Assessment online. No printed, scanned, emailed, or faxed copies of the task will be accepted.

We suggest that you download the Class Notes first so you can follow along during the training.