3. Professional Development Journals

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8 thoughts on “3. Professional Development Journals

  1. Mind boggling! Its like I am learning psychology,,,imagine, Reflection is all bout choice! How many choices do I make on a given day without reflection? This means that, such choices are not informed because I did not reflect before I settled! GOD HAVE MERCY! Things need to change and change very fast for me to lead an informed life.

    Of most interest to me in this module is: “to learn, unlearn and relearn”…possible? Very much so for a 21st century learner. I am one!

    Thank you for an interesting learning spree!

  2. Reflection as part of learning is very important because as a teacher one gets to identify the downfalls to improve and also see the higher achievements of the lesson, in short it is about thinking about what went right and what went wrong.

  3. Reflection is important,but what if a teacher reflects and still repeats the mistake he made in the previous lesson? does this mean that particular teacher is not reflecting effectively?

  4. Reflecting and composing a piece of self reflective writing is becoming an increasingly important element to any form of study or learning. Reflecting helps teacher or learner to develop his or her skills and review their effectiveness.

  5. Every lesson should conclude with a reflection. Learners need to reflect on their learning- state their understanding of the entire lesson, what they find easy and specify the areas of difficulty. Teachers also reflect on their teaching, what went well, what went wrong, and make improvements where necessary for effective teaching and learning. Online assessment (home or class activities completed online) can also serve a useful source of data or information collection to inform the learning decisions teachers make- whether to recap on work done in the next lesson. It also helps the teacher to capitalise on on a number of teaching resources to be used in class.

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