10 thoughts on “2. Our approach to digital education

  1. Thank you very much…the voice is so calming it takes me back to my days as a student!
    Via Afrika, thumbs up on the concept, DIGITAL FLUENCY, I have never heard of it but it makes sense to me. I cant wait to be DIGITAL FLUENT as I navigate this course.

    Once again, Thank you!

  2. I enjoyed the video and it explains the difference between digital literacy and digital fluency.It also points out the challenges and hindrances to digital education such as fear of change by teachers and misunderstanding between digital literacy and digital fluency and also internet literacy and internet fluency.I believe that as teachers living in a digital dispensation we must adapt with times.We have to know our content ,how to teach it and also how to use technological devices to facilitate learning.

  3. Digital education through devices such as tablets or computer always arouse learners’interest when used effectively to inform teaching and learning. Twenty first century learners exist in a digital space and schools are no exception.

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